A Fall Craft

Hens and chickens, bring them inside for winter.

This is a very easy and inexpensive craft. Pick a hardy plant from your garden. Hens and chickens are a great choice. Put them in water for a few days. Then plant them in a pot. Gravel and soil mix is great for this succulent plant. Place in a sunny window. Because of my love for gardening I need to bring something from my garden inside so I can tend to it over the winter. I usually make terrariums in the winter months as well. Enjoy!


Confetti Peppers so cool but there Hot

30 days later. Confetti Peppers looking great!

I was shopping at Menards and came across these pepper plants. I fell in love with the name. Confetti Peppers how cool. So I bought 2 plants. I have them growing in my 3 season or what others may call a sunroom. They have grown at least 2 inches since I bought them at the first of April. I have been taking them outside for a few hours so they dont get shocked when i plant them outside. The reason they are called confetti peppers is because the peppers turn red, orange and yellow. I cant wait till they produce! Maybe i will update you later. Thanks for reading & Happy Gardening!

My Tiny Shed Home Project

I have started thinking about my next steps to take on my Tiny Home Project. It’s been cold here and that always slows my outside projects down. My goal is to be able to sleep in my Tiny Home by May 2023

My next step is put a heater in the Tiny Home and finish removing the deprie in the attic.

Deprie in the Attic of Tiny Home
This is the Heater I will be using to heat

Plant your own garden….

Many times in my life I had tried to rush relationships with people.  Over the years I have learned its ok to be alone.  Someone once told me “Plant your own garden”.  So I did.  When I couldn’t plant a garden I made terrariums instead.

Gardening filled many hours but it also brought others into my life naturally.  I shared the flowers and the plants with others.  I made terrariums and gave them away as gifts.

I have found that other people can be like weeds.  They come in and take over your life just as a weed does.  The many lessons I have learned is nature teaches us many things.  I look to nature to tell me how to live my life.  A weed (Toxic Person) can take over your garden (your Life).  Before you know it your whole garden(whole life) has the beauty sucked out of it.  Like a garden you must constantly weed, feed, and cultivate your life.


To be continued…

Healing by doing Art Projects

When i feel sad or angry or fearful, I do a craft. Like paint, garden, sketch, ect. Doing crafts changes my brain chemicals. Before i painted the picture above I was feeling panicked. After i finished the painting i felt relaxed. It was like walking through my issues and coming out on the other side. Also it gives me a visable and touchable item.

Trying to get in the writing Groove

I am trying to get back in the writing groove. It’s been a few years that I have written on my blog. A lot has happened. I have started a side business. It’s through furnishedfinders.com which is a website for housing people in the medical field. I have a room in my home I rent out for 3 months at a time. I have done this 3 times so far but hope to continue renting more in the future. I also have been working on turning my garden shed into a tiny home. So far I put a new roof and gutters on the shed. On the inside I have started cleaning out the attic. There is a lot of debre up there from the past residents and from the squirrels. Those critters can create a huge mess when left alone. Well that’s all fir now. Hopefully I will try and post more on here. Happy reading!

This blog is about being thrifty in the garden