Trying to get in the writing Groove

I am trying to get back in the writing groove. It’s been a few years that I have written on my blog. A lot has happened. I have started a side business. It’s through which is a website for housing people in the medical field. I have a room in my home I rent out for 3 months at a time. I have done this 3 times so far but hope to continue renting more in the future. I also have been working on turning my garden shed into a tiny home. So far I put a new roof and gutters on the shed. On the inside I have started cleaning out the attic. There is a lot of debre up there from the past residents and from the squirrels. Those critters can create a huge mess when left alone. Well that’s all fir now. Hopefully I will try and post more on here. Happy reading!

Be Still

Yesterday I sat in a meeting listening to others.  It made me realize I need to be quiet more often in my life.  Be still and listen to others you will me amazed at how much you can learn.  Many times I think I know what is best but when I listen to others I can get so many great ideas from them.

I also relate being still to the garden.  When I am gardening I find so much peace and serenity in the garden.  Being still can also bring birds, butterflies, humming birds and many other creatures to you.  Nature can teach us so many things if we just be still, watch and listen.

Letting go

What does letting go look like to you. I recently had a dream I was being pulled up in the sky. It was freeing. At times it was bumpy but mostly freeing. It felt as if I was light as a feather. I always wanted to learn to fly a small airplane. I have been up a few times with one of my friends. It is the most awesome feeling being up in the sky. No worries. I know for some people they would be worried to say the least. LOL. I have dreamed about it many times. Never scared just felt free from everything. So letting go for me would be flying either in my dreams or in a small plane.

Persevere (verb)

Never Give Up. Each time I think of giving up on my dreams, I take a vacation from my dreams. Its amazing because I always come back each time from the vacation feeling refreshed. I just take baby steps towards my goal. I know one day I will have my own business which will involve gardening and many other crafty ideas. Learning to be thrifty not only in the garden but in life has helped me to PERSEVERE. (continue in a course of action even in the face of difficulty or with little or no prospect of success.)


The word of the day is Awakening.  I have been unemployed since Jan 2018.  I need a major awakening.  Now that it is Spring (April 12, 2018) I am hopeful I will be coming out of this slump I am in.  Gardening gives me the hope and the drive to continue planning my what I will be planting in the backyard this year.  It will be the first year I am working in the backyard!

Getting Started……

They say the hardest thing to do is get started.  I agree with that statement.  I am trying to think where to get started.  I have a lot of projects to start.   My Garden shed has an attic,  in the attic there is dirt and maybe leftover shingles.  So I need to get up in the attic first and clean out the debris up there.  The attic door is heavy from the debris.  So my next step is to figure out how to remove the attic door or open it up and take a picture of what is up there.  Then I can access what I need to do next.


Peaceful,  Serene,  Happy Place, Solitude,  Hands in the dirt,  New Plants,  Different Textures,  Rocks, Stones, Bricks,  Bird Bath,  Tiles,  Bright Colors,  Blue, Green. Orange,  Love,  Hope, New Start and so much more is what my Garden means to me.

This blog is about being thrifty in the garden